Hi, I'm Josh Welch.

I created World Will Be Better (WWBB) to target causes close to my heart. After having much success running and growing my real estate private equity firm, Three Pillars Capital, I decided that I need to use my organizational and leadership skills to give back. We didn’t want to just write checks to other organizations (and we’ve written many!), we wanted to play an integral part in designing and executing programs. Anyone involved with our organization gives their time, energy, and money. They don’t receive a salary.

Currently Turning Point Center and World Will Be Better are laying the foundation for a Women and Children’s shelter. Turning Point receives daily requests from women and children. But unfortunately, they have to be turned away because Turning Point doesn’t have the facility to house them. We are helping to fix this problem!

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Be a part of this project to change the lives of Women and Children.

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Know our Subcommitties

World Will Be Better organizes several subcommittees that will directly benefit the direct recipient.