World Will Be Better serves two causes:
Elderly homeless and Women & Children.

WWBB is our own non-profit. We are helping another non-profit, Turning Point, by raising money for a women and children’s shelter.

Turning Point currently serves elderly homeless and wants to build a women and children’s shelter. They need help expanding their facilities to serve women and children. We are leading the cause to raise money and awareness for this project.

You can help too! Check out the subcommittees to see how!

Shelter Construction Process

Step 1: Hire Architect & Get Designs

We have hired Ted Trout Architects. They submitted preliminary designs for us to kick things off.

Step 2: Submit Prelim. Design to Builder

Hudson Construction submitted the construction plan and costs.

Step 3: Fund Raising

We begin the long journey to raise awareness and all the funds to cover the project costs.

Step 4: Construction

Once funds are raised, architect will prepare blue prints and coordinate with builder to start construction.



Donate to Turning Point

Architectural Plans

The Story

The pictures above are almost 2 acres of land located at 1701 Jacquelyn Dr, Houston, TX 77055. The land is owned by Turning Point Center, a 501(c)(3). Turning Point Center was started by Isha Desselle in 1988 when she sold all her assets to buy a rundown apartment building to house and rehab a neglected group: elderly homeless. She has received multiple awards from presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush and recognized as CNN Hero of the Year. Over the years she expanded Turning Point Center to help homeless women and children of Houston.

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