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Architectural Plans For The Shelter

The Story

The pictures above are almost 2 acres of land located at 1701 Jacquelyn Dr, Houston, TX 77055. The land is owned by Turning Point Center, a 501(c)(3). Turning Point Center was started by Isha Desselle in 1988 when she sold all her assets to buy a rundown apartment building to house and rehab a neglected group: elderly homeless. She has received multiple awards from presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush and recognized as CNN Hero of the Year.

Over the years she expanded Turning Point Center to help homeless women and children of Houston. But she’s turning away women and children everyday because she doesn’t have space. We offered to help build a brand new apartment complex for her on land that she owns! Once finished, all those women and children being turned away will have an opportunity at a respectable life. Help us achieve our goal. Check out the details of the grand plan: